What we do?
We have many years of experience in construction design:
At 91 Studio always put design as the focus - construction is the step to describe the design properly.
Design process


1. Site survey and inspection

2. Inquire information on: People, Function, Aesthetics, Cost, Time.

3. Draft layouts for space planning purpose.

4. Develop design direction and ambiance moodboard.



1. Develop 3D perspectives.

2. Recommend materials and furniture that are realistic and available.



1. Develop technical drawings that include plans, elevations and fit-out and furniture details.

2. Provide specifications for Materials, Furniture, Fixture and Equipment.


Design Supervision

1. Review and approve of Contractor's shop drawings and material samples

2. Supervise design on-site construction and installation once a week or depends on which stage.

What makes 91 Studio

At 91 Studio, we strive to improve our design process so that each project is delivered with care and love. Not insisting on making expensive projects, we put an emphasis on creating spaces and experiences that are both simple and elegant.

You can notice our consideration from the way we select and arrange furniture, materials and light. To the way we foresee how your baby will grow up and how your guests will enjoy the time in your house, and what your feelings will be.

Bạn có thể thấy mình đang được sống – tận hưởng không gian thoải mái nhất cho bạn và những người thân thương của mình. Một sự hòa quyện kết nối cảm xúc con người – vật dụng – không gian.

Through our projects, we want to create beauty in the places that we touch. So that either when you live in your apartment, or have dinner at a restaurant, or work in your office, you can always find something interesting and smile.

Our clients

1St Floor, 206 Tran Quang Khai Street, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1